Splendour Arts

Get ready for another killer, boundary bending and totally 'gram-able public art experience!  The Splendour Arts Program is back to celebrate the hook-up of music and contemporary art. Featuring new and evolving artworks, this program taps into every emoji emotion - from LOL’s to whimsy and deeply philosophical. You’ll see feats of endurance and stunt performances as well as the fine art of drawing and painting. Feel free to aggravate the cleaners as they attempt to retain control and collaborate with Laith McGregor on his large-scale drawings. The Cool Shit team return with a new pun on a music ikon. And we dare you to enter the Barn for Graveyard Boogie or to assist in the Witch Hunt. Pass through Gateways to another world and experience the Mix Up Stage tent top transformed into a monumental canvas for Brooklyn Whelan’s paintings. Ash Keating, who painted the entrance tunnel for Splendour in the Grass in 2016, returns to repaint the surface with his ongoing 'Gravity System Response' series.

Be prepared to think, participate and laugh. And probably get a bit scared.    

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