Our zero-trace campground for environmentally switched-on Splendourites is back!

Camp Zero Footprint is a dedicated area of the Splendour campground for those ready to seriously minimise their impact on the environment.

But not just anyone can get in! All are welcome but you need to get on board with the criteria outlined below.  Show us your enviro credentials and you’ll bask in the glory of a next level camping location in the company of other like-minded legends!

Secure your Splendour in the Grass camping ticket and the wonders of Camp Zero Footprint will become one step closer when you agree to these important conditions:

  • If you’re travelling by private vehicle you must have said YES to the Carbon Offset Option when purchasing your event and camping tickets. You must have a vehicle occupancy rate of 3 or more – each with a valid event and camping ticketholders on arrival (i.e. receive a vehicle pass redemption voucher). If you’re traveling by commercial transport you must offset the travel (and show us proof).
  • Motorbikes are deemed to be low-emission vehicles so ride on in and you won’t require a vehicle pass
  • If you make Camp Zero Footprint your home during Splendour, you must use long-life camping gear (robust camping gear that can be used repeatedly) and bring reusable items such as; crockery and cutlery etc
  • Zero Footprint campers must maintain a clean campsite throughout the festival
  • Zero Footprint campers must clearly separate their waste and demonstrate clean recyclable waste streams when using the bins (in Camp Zero Footprint there is no room for error with this!)
  • All Zero Footprint campers will need to get involved in one of the two annual tree planting mornings - Sat 21 July and Sun 22 July, between 10am and 1pm
  • You and your crew must respect the natural surrounds by not opting to use the native bush blocks as toilets or recreation areas;  
  • Zero Footprint campers must act in accordance with the general campground policy, and finally but just as important…
  • Zero Footprint campers must take all their camping gear with them at the end of the event. If this is impossible you must pack up your gear neatly and provide it to one of the various community or charity groups that will be wandering the campgrounds during the festival bump-out

Anyone busted breaching our rules will be banished from Camp Zero Footprint into the farthest reaches of the campgrounds! Yep, we are serious about sustainability. No campers in this space will be allowed to leave without cleaning up their campsites!

Come and be a part of the best campsite at Splendour in the Grass 2018 and have the chance to win highly coveted VIP GOLD BAR TICKETS for Splendour in the Grass 2019 – simply by being the cleanest campsite in Camp Zero Footprint.

To register your interest email the Environmental Manager on [email protected]


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