George Ezra
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    Fri July 21

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George Ezra is an internationally acclaimed 23-year-old English singer-songwriter and musician. Ezra possesses a deep, resonant, and emotionally weathered voice that belies his considerable youth, influenced by similarly precocious musicians like Bob Dylan and Hank Williams. Ezra was just 19 when he issued his debut single "Budapest," a warm, amiable, and soulful slice of classy folk-pop.

His debut album, ‘Wanted On Voyage’, was released in June 2014, featured ‘Budapest’, which achieved platinum status in both the UK and the US, alongside a second UK top 10 single, ‘Blame It On Me’. It was the third best-selling album of 2014, and the 10th best-selling album in 2015, in the UK, selling a total of 3 million albums worldwide. George Ezra has been nominated for 4 Brit Awards, MTV Music Awards, Q Awards and the Ivor Novello Awards.


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