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    Sat July 22

    Tiny Dancer
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The young electronic musician known as Romare wears his inspiration on his sleeve – in fact, he takes his very name from it. Having studied African American Visual Culture at University, he had his ‘Sex Pistols moment’ when he came across the work of Romare Bearden. The African American’s collaged, cut’n’paste artworks inspired the young musician to apply a similar technique to music – an approach that was hugely fruitful, and remains central to his work today.

His debut album, ‘Projections’, is named after a pivotal exhibition of his namesake and likewise explores various elements of American life. With fierce support from the likes of Benji B, Gilles Peterson and Huw Stephens, Romare’s music has, rightfully, already caused a stir. Catch the stunning ‘Projections’ when Romare takes to the Splendour stage.


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