Oh Wonder
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    Sun July 23

    GW McLennan Tent
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2015 was the year Oh Wonder trashed the rulebook. The London-based duo Josephine Vander Gucht and Anthony West, wrote, recorded and posted a track online every month and, at the end of the year, released the results; their self-titled debut album.

‘Oh Wonder’ - featuring 15 impeccably crafted pop gems exploring London, loneliness and love - has had over 483 million streams to date, with over 291.1 million of these being generated from Spotify who have heavily supported the band since they started out and were selected to feature in Spotify’s UK & Global Spotlight campaign.

Oh Wonder was initially created as an outlet for Anthony & Josephine to showcase and challenge their songwriting skills. Both admirers of the art of composition, they wanted each of their album tracks to stand alone and be heard in their own right. This inadvertently innovative approach to releasing music, with its disregard for the typical album campaign, has garnered substantial interest from an international audience.

Catch ‘Drive’ and other favourites live when they hit the Splendour stage!



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