Tipi Forest

The Tipi Forest

An iconic destination on the Splendour journey, the Tipi Forest is back to expand your festival experience! The Tipi Forest is the creative heart of Splendour in the Grass, your personal playground of art, music and magic. Immerse yourself in the delightful and inspired.  Discover pulsing beats, diverse performances, psychedelic lightscapes, ephemeral art, ancient shelters and sacred geometry.

Representing our exceptional alternative culture, the Tipi Forest is a treasure of interactive creativity, with musical producers, DJs, performers, visual, light and video artists collaborating to share a unique environment for you to connect, create and celebrate.

In 2017, more than half the music you will hear at the Tipi Forest is created by the artists playing it, so dance on in and enjoy an extraordinary sonic journey with these amazing music Producers and DJs (a-z): 4EYES, ALKEMIA, AURAMECHANIC, AUSTERO, BILLY DREAD, BIRRANG MIIL, DARK NEBULA, ELEMENTALS, FRAKTAL FAERIE, GOOSEBUMPZ, INDIGENOISE, JAMIE FOREST, KODAGRAPH, KODIAK KID, LICKWEED, LORD SUT, MARTIN BALE, MILES JACKSON, PURPLE HAYES, RAINBIRD, SHADOW FX, SLINKY, SMIGGLE, STAUNCH, SURGE and YETI.


These artists will present a vast array of sounds, including techno, progressive trance, glitch hop, minimal tech, break beat, hip hop, jungle, ghetto funk, drum and bass, psychedelic trance, dub step, deep house, funk, glitch, trap, roots and dub. It’s an intricate weave of dance floor tapestry designed to rock your world!

On the Tipi Forest dance floor, you can interact with funky performances or be thrilled by wild dance, acrobatics and fire shows on the stage with a host of incredible performance acts (a-z): CINDERS ASHES, CREATRIX MATRIX, FROM THE WOODS, OLD SPICE, STRANGEDREAMS, THE CASSETTES and TUNTABLE FALLS CIRCUS.

The Tipi Forest artscape is a world onto its own. You can help create the beautiful dance floor mandalas made from natural elements, reveal yourself on the Nen Riki wish boards, paint up the Intra mural and escape into the creations of the remarkable Visual Artists (a-z): COMMON THREAD, MIMI SPIRIT TOTEM, SPECTACLE ART, SPINNER SISTERS, HOTLINE - TWISTED TALKER and ZENNA BLEWITT.

A glimpse into another possibility, the Tipi Forest invites you to explore the idea that peace, love, unity and respect can be found on the dance floor and then extended into every aspect of our existence. Express yourself, dance like you never have before and be transformed by your connection to everything, everywhere and everyone.

See you on the dance floor! 

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